Benefits of Backpack Biogas

Billions of dollars of aid has been pumped into Africa. Yet effective change too often remains an elusive outcome, leading to a vicious cycle: more needs, more aid but still little change. How to resolve this seemingly intractable dilemma? [...] Read more »

Quake Fear Stalks Kathmandu

Early evening, there is a play of light and shadow over Kathmandu’s famous Durbar Square. The rising monuments, damaged by the April 2015 earthquake, appear as dark silhouettes while large flash lights streak through in between them. Young men [...] Read more »

5 Reasons for Eating Right

MISSION, KS—(Marketwired – Mar 21, 2016) – (Family Features) Eating right is not about adhering to a strict diet, losing weight or depriving yourself of your favorite foods. While maintaining a diet that is good for you [...] Read more »